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Approximately 65 koalas patients are admitted into care or are dealt with per annum. Unfortunately this figure seems to be increasing each year. Each koala is housed separately in purpose built holding units. Healthy juveniles and joeys are reared in share accommodation with others of the same age. This is particularly good for socialising them and preparing them for release.

Koalas come into care for a variety of reasons including car hits, dog/cow/horse attacks, disease problems such as wet bottom and conjunctivitis, heat stress and terminal illnesses. Taree Veterinary Hospital vets assess each koala and prescribe a regime of treatment. While in care each koala receives daily supplementary feeds which help in its ability to recover. Some koalas may only need to be in care for a few days but others may need several months to recover and sadly some die or have to be euthanased.

KOALAS IN CARE INC prides itself on providing the best possible care and giving our koala patients every chance for recovery.

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Our current permanent care / companion koalas include:

BOOBOOK - Admitted in May 2002 as a juvenile. She had an injury to her right hind leg & a large patch of exposed flesh (ulcer) on her rump. Boobook recovered over many months & was made a ‘permanent care koala’ due to the nature of her disability. She is now a ‘companion koala’ for young orphaned joeys.
TALLOW - A female joey weighing 1.2kgs was admitted in April 2008 suffering injuries consistent with a car hit. A search of the area found no mother. Tallow has had a few problems with her health while being in care and on more than one occasion we did not expect her to live. Her rate of growth and maturity have been affected. While she is doing better now she remains in care and has been made a ‘permanent care koala’. Tallow is much smaller than we would expect at age 2+ years.


To view photos and details of past patients click here.


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