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The koala patients admitted to the Koalas In Care Inc. facility remain in care only as long as necessary. After being treated and nursed back to good health they are released back to their home-range/territory or nearest safe area to the point of rescue. Some of our past patients include:

Boobook was admitted in May 2002 as a juvenile. She had an injury to her right hind leg & a large patch of exposed flesh (ulcer) on her rump. Boobook recovered over many months & was made a ‘permanent care koala’ due to the nature of her disability. She is now a ‘companion koala’ for young orphaned joeys.
Tallow is a female joey approximately 8 months old. Orphaned in a logging area and found on the road. Admitted in April 2008 with head trauma and infested with ticks. She remains in care and has been made a ‘permanent care koala’ just like Boobook.
Max is a male joey found alone on a country road in the Bootawa area and was suffering from stress. He was taken into care on the 6th Feb 2008. He was released in August 2008.
Hargreaves is an adult male found in the Kolodong area on the 29th May 2008. He was released in July 2008.
Foley is an adult male admitted in April 2008. Treated for bi-lateral conjunctivitis. Both eyes took quite a while to improve but there was no damage to his eyesight. He was released in July 2008.
Harrin is an adult male admitted in July 2008. Admitted for a suspected broken leg. An old injury sustained in 2004. He was found to be in good health and coping with his disability in the wild. He was released in July 2008 and has been sighted frequently since release.
Brandy is an adult male admitted in July 2008. He was being treated for a right eye infection (conjunctivitis). He was released in December 2008.
Piper is a young adult male admitted in August 2008. He was hit by motor vehicle and sustained minor injuries. In care for a short period and released in September 2008.
Jaimee was a young adult female admitted in August 2008. Hit by a motor vehicle she sustained severe head/facial injuries. Unable to chew leaf due to injuries. She developed pneumonia. After almost 4 weeks of intensive treatment sadly Jaimee died.
Thorpey is a young adult male admitted in August 2008. He was rescued from deep water by a fisherman. Preventive treatment was given. He was in care for a short period and released in September 2008.
Henry is a young adult male admitted in September 2008. He was attacked by birds and fell from a tree. Rescued and brought into care for observation. No problems were observed. Released in September 2008.
Doc is a mature aged male koala brought in after car hit. Admitted September 2008. He had an infected paw from a torn claw. The claw was removed and treatment given for infection. Released in October 2008.
Bonnie - Healthy juvenile female koala dispersing into sparse habitat area. She was rescued in October 2008 and relocated to a nearby Nature Reserve.
Nerong - Young female admitted after coming into conflict with a car at the Nerong road works on the Pacific Highway. She was in care for a short time with no major injuries. Released January 2009.
Nullegai - Young male koala admitted during hot weather conditions in January 2009. He was treated for dehydration, rested and given support feeds over a few weeks. Nullegai responded to treatment and was released.
Timmy - Middle aged male koala admitted in January 2009 suffering 'wet bottom'. Timmy was quite sick, underweight and not wanting to eat. A number of tests were done and treatment over several months. Unfortunately it was determined that Timmy was suffering irreparable internal damaged and was euthanased.
Kia - Was admitted as a young male koala in October 2004 after being hit by a car suffering head trauma. He was released and was admitted again in January 2009 after another car hit. Between these admissions Kia had suffered other injuries with the most serious being a back injury causing a severe curve in his spine + a split lower lip exposing his lower teeth. Remarkably Kia functioned quite well with his back injury but measure were taken to improve his lip with some surgery so he had a better functioning mouth. Kia was released March 2009
Suzie - Young female koala was admitted into care in January 2009 when the temperature rose to 40 c suffering heat stress. Suzie was kept cool and given fluids to rehydrate her. Suzie had a very small unfurred joey in her pouch. Both were released after a few days of recuperation.
Gateway - A mature age male koala admitted in February 2009 suffering bilateral conjunctivitis but did not require surgery. He was a bit thin and was really in great shape. He responded to treatment over several months with his eyesight improving more than expected. Gateway was released in May 2009 in a much healthy state.
CEEBEE - Male joey became separated from his mum and his sibling In February 2009. Yes he had a twin. The family was monitor for a few days but CeeBee did not reconnect with his mum. Too small to survive without her and with severe weather approaching, CeeBee was rescued and brought into care. CeeBee, a healthy joey, was reared over several months and was released August 2009.
TURTLE - Mature age male koala was admitted in May 2009 suffering bilateral conjunctivitis. His eye condition required surgery to remove excess tissues growth. Both eyes responded well to treatment. Turtle also injured his ankle which prolonged his stay in care. Turtle was released back to the wild in September 2009.
Nessie and Lochy
NESSIE (& LOCHY) - A juvenile female was admitted after a car hit In July 2009. She suffered only minor injuries and needed a short stay in care. Nessie had a little surprise tucked away in her pouch - an unfurred little joey who was uninjured and safe. Both were released.
Kellie and Cooper
KELLIE & COOPER - Male joey, Cooper was admitted after being found on the ground on a farm in July 2009. His mum, Kellie was located nearby in a tree. Mum responded to her joey's cries and both were reunited. After spending a short stay in care to make sure that they bonded together without any problems they were released.
ANGELO - Young male koala admitted August 2009 suffering a fractured femur. Leg was splinted for 8 wks. When splint was removed Angelo starting using his leg. After 2 wks of rehabilitation Angelo was released back to the wild able to climb and jump without any problems.
ANNIE - Young female koala was admitted suffering a dislocated hip after being struck by a vehicle in August 2009. Annie was found to be lactating but had no joey with her. A search of the area was undertaken but no joey was found. Her hip was splinted to allow time for healing but unfortunately the stress of the car hit and losing her baby was too much for Annie to cope with. She died in care 3 wks later.
ARTY - A pouch joey weighing 323grms who had fallen out of his mum's pouch. Mum had climbed the tallest tree nearby and did not respond to Arty's crying leaving him very vulnerable to predation. Arty was furred when brought into care which made rearing him a little easier. On admission in August 2009 he was fed formula every 3-4 hours and had some minor problems. Arty died January 2011 from ongoing problems.
POPPET - A young female was rescued in August 2009. She was in an emaciated condition. Support treatment was given while some tests were undertaken to find out the reason why she was in this state. Sadly, Poppet had been seen by residents over a period of time, often sitting in the middle of the road, but no one thought she needed help. Poppet did OK over a couple of weeks being pampered, but then developed 'wet bottom', before she deteriorated and suddenly died.
THORPEY - Young male koala has been admitted a couple of times for being in dangerous areas. He appears to like water as he has been rescued swimming in the marina and continues to find his way close to water. He was rescued in August 2008, August 2009 and again in September 2009. He has been sighted on other occasions as well. This gorgeous boy has been released.
TUMBLES - Young male koala admitted in February 2009 after a suspected car hit. He spent a short period in care and then was released back to the wild. October 2009 Tumbles was found dead by the road after suffering fatal injuries caused by a car.
LARNI - A juvenile female was admitted suffering 'wet bottom' in February 2009. Larni has responded to treatment but has also had some setbacks. Larni was released in January 2010.
STARDUST - A male joey, weighing 805grms, abandoned by his mum during a wind/dust storm in September 2009. He was found sitting on a star-picket fence crying by a farmer. Stardust was very frightened and lonely for his mum however he is doing very well now and was released in March 2010.
BENNETT - adult male was admitted into care after being located in a tree obviously suffering from wet bottom. He responded to treatment & was released in October 2009.
ERNIE - was admitted November 2009 suffering wet bottom & conjunctivitis in his right eye. He is a adult male koala and was in a poor condition when he came into care. He was placed into home-care for one-on-one care with Mandy. Ernie is making a good recovery and is back at our facility to finish off his treatment obviously feeling much better. Ernie was released in April 2010.
GARDENIA - a very sick little female joey from an endangered population. Native Animal Trust Fund (our neighbouring group) asked us to take her into our care. She had become separated from her mum, Katie. Katie was captured & brought to us to be reunited with her baby. Despite our efforts little Gardenia was too sick and passed away a few days later. Katie was returned to her home range and released.
REX - an adult male was admitted in December 2009 suffering bilateral conjunctivitis. He was very distressed after a difficult rescue and because he was feeling so unwell. Rex spent a little over 2 months in care having daily treatment on his eyes and was released February 2010.
CRACKER - a male joey about 9 months old was admitted December 2009. We suspect Cracker had been hit by a car & separated from his mum. A search of the area failed to find mum. He suffered some head trauma. Cracker died after developing pneumonia July 2010.
WILMA - adult female admitted in January 2010 suffering a fractured right forearm. Wilma had spent several days with this injury before she was brought into care. In good health she responded well to treatment on her arm which was placed in a splint for 6 weeks. Wilma surprised us all & gave birth while in care. She was very protective about her little bundle which could be seen wriggling around in her tightly closed pouch. Wilma (& her baby) were released March 2010 after making a full recovery.
HOLLY - a female joey about 8 months old found on the road sick, wet and depressed by a motorist in February 2010. She was intensive nursed & was slowly responding to treatment. Holly had been without her mum for some time & obviously wasn't coping. A search for mum failed to find her. Holly died from ongoing problems in July 2010
COPELAND - a male joey found abandoned on the road & brought into care in February 2010. A little dehydrated but no obvious injuries found. Copeland is being weaned & has been buddied up with Cracker. He will stay in care until next spring. Copeland was released in September 2010.
GUMNUT - a young female suffering wet bottom was admitted in February 2010, very sick, with a brown coat and in poor condition. Gumnut has surprised us & has responded to treatment quite quickly and is doing well. She is now putting on weight & growing a nice grey coat. Gumnut was released in May 2010
BEAU - a male about 18 months old was admitted March 2010. He is being treated for conjunctivitis in his right eye & early stage wet bottom. At present he is feeling quite unwell. It is hoped that he will respond to treatment. Beau was released April 2010.
BEKKY - young female admitted March 2010 in emaciated condition. Just skin & bones suffering wet bottom. She is responding to treatment & is comfortable but remains in 'Intensive Care'. Bekky is nearing the end of her treatment.
CHOCCIE - adult female admitted March 2010 suffering wet bottom. She has been suffering for a while & is very unwell. She underwent treatment for her condition. Choccie was released in January 2011.



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